Kane County Revising Court Security Policy

by John D. Ioakimidis, Esq,

The Kane County Sheriff has announced that he will be revising his policy about bringing food into the Kane County Courthouse after discussing the matter with officials of the American Diabetes Association.  The policy change will allow flexibility for people with a medical condition while keeping food and drink out of the courtrooms.  The policy change was brought about by an incident which occurred in May of this year.  A complaining witness who had been subpoenaed to come to court to testify was stopped by courthouse security when he tried to bring a granola bar and 3 sodas into the courthouse.  This young man tried to explain to security that he was a diabetic and had to test his blood at least 12 times a day and was insulin dependent.  He was not allowed to bring the items into the courthouse even though he told security that if he had a diabetic reaction he probably would not have enough time to make it to the cafeteria or his car.  The man contacted the attorneys for the American Diabetes Association who contacted the Kane County Sheriff seeking an explanation.  The report that they have received a letter in response from the Sheriff indicating that he is working on changing the policy to allow people with diabetes and other medical conditions to be able to bring food into the courthouse.

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